Running in the heat

Yesterday, feeling a bit sluggish I decided to go for a run. Now, I know it's hot in Tucson, AZ (106d.) to be exact! I decided to go out anyway. I wasn't going out for a long run, nor was I going to set any records on Strava, I just wanted to get a good 5 miles in. Well an hour later, I was exhausted! Running in the heat is a totally different experience than running in the mid-west or north east. There, you are soaked with sweat after 5 miles (at least I am). Here in Tucson, you sweat, but it quickly dries! So, in your mind, you think you're not putting in much of an effort, but in reality, you're probably working twice as hard! I was semi-smart and brought some water, but 16oz wasn't enough! Next time, I'll run with two bottles. Because unlike a 1/2 or full marathon, there are no water stops! Just you, the sun, and the road! Another tip for my fellow desert runners out there. It's important to use sunscreen, but don't forget about your lips! When I was two miles away from the car and out of water, I began licking my lips - so don't forget the chapstick boys and girls!



Hey, Hi, Hello ... welcome to the DD blog. It's only fitting that I write the first blog about coffee, plus I'm currently sitting inside a Starbucks. I know some of the Starbucks haters out there are cringing right now. Some say, why Starbucks? The coffee has a bold taste, some baristas are unfriendly, they just want to pump people in/out. Sure some of that is true, but some is the exact opposite. I like Starbucks because no matter where I'm at in the country when I walk into a store, they all feel the same. I know when I order an Americano (which is just Espresso shots and water) It will taste the same. I know the wifi will be free and easy to connect too. And if it's a local store that I frequent often, they will reciprocate with a free drink (or two)! 

When I lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. I made the closest Starbucks my office! I was in every morning with my dear friend and mentor Dick Dixon. We would talk for hours about race cars and our publishing company that we were building. While sitting there we witnessed: Job interviews, first dates, meetings, study sessions, people catching up, and the occasional creeper in the corner just people watching! 

So for me, Starbucks is a spot to be productive or have a great conversation over coffee. Sure I support the local mom & pop shop for the experience, but I know when I go into a bux, it will be like I never left.